Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Willow Smith Drops Three ‘Mellifluous’ New Songs

Hear her surprise (and hella smooth) new project

Almost a month after releasing the calming lullaby “November 9th,” Willow Smith is back with a triple-dose of soothing new music.

The 16-year-old has unleashed a surprise three-song project titled Mellifluous. No, I didn’t know what that word meant either, so allow Merriam-Webster to explain: “having a smooth rich flow” and “filled with something that sweetens.” That definition is entirely fitting here, as the self-produced tunes — “Cave Wall,” “Little Shard,” and “Need to Know” — sound like warm honey. All three are dreamy and introspective, especially the latter cut, which finds Willow singing, “My mind is like a prison / Cold, circling around me / I travel in all directions / Only to find myself in the same place, still standing.”

Willow’s Mellifluous comes just two days after her brother Jaden released the video for his new song “Fallen.” Clearly the creativity’s really flowin’ in the Smith household these days.