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Suicide Squad Gets The Brutally Honest Trailer It Deserves

To be honest, the Joker would probably find this funny

There was a time when Suicide Squad looked promising. Remember that insanely fun first trailer? We all thought Suicide Squad could be the film that put Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe back on track, following the disappointing reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Alas, things didn't quite work out that way.

Despite its star-studded cast and Margot Robbie's batshit-crazy Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad somehow managed to be even more forgettable than Batman v Superman. It was a frustratingly sloppy, albeit sporadically entertaining, mess. And now it has the brutally Honest Trailer™ it deserves.

To be fair, the popular Screen Junkies series doesn't hold back when it comes to poking fun at the year's biggest films — even Captain America: Civil War got the Honest Trailer treatment — but there is something deeply cathartic about hearing Jared Leto's Joker described as a "manorexic juggalo."

And if you didn't laugh at "chicken-chomping exposition machine who blurts out whatever the plot needs him to," then you clearly did not watch the same film I did, because that's exactly Rick Flag's role in this movie.