Sweet/Vicious Sneak Peek: Can Ophelia Escape A Dangerously Precarious Situation?

The Darlington student has gotten herself in a major pickle

Ophelia's confidence has grown since she and Jules joined forces, but the gal with the tremendous one-liners is about to find herself in an unprecedented jam.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming Sweet/Vicious installment, below, the college student -- who has gradually eased into her role as a masked vigilante -- is doing her usual prep work before the intended take-down. Her latest objective: install a tracking device underneath a car and escape the scene unscathed.

But completing the mission takes a bit of time, and panic starts to ensue when Ophelia sees someone approaching. Can the heroine wiggle out of the situation without having to explain herself -- or will she need to provide some sort of reason for her suspicious behavior? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss the episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!