The Biggest Question On Our Mind Following The Teen Wolf Season 6 Premiere

We don't care what you say...we'll never forget

Okay, so we saw it coming — but we didn't see it coming so soon. As in, tonight.

The Teen Wolf trailers, the Season 6 tagline... they all hinted that Stiles could be left as just a memory. Actually, not even that — our beloved Stilinski would be completely forgotten, which, in the words of Lydia, is absolutely "worse than death."

Following the first act of the premiere, we met a little boy named Alex whose parents were suddenly taken by the masked ghost riders of the Wild Hunt — a stormy event where sheer evil hunts the souls of others, erasing them from memory. (You might recall its brief mention during Season 5 in regards to our resident hellhound Parrish.)

Guided by Alex to an abandoned house, Scott and Stiles set out solve the latest Beacon Hills enigma; the latter then came into contact with one of the ghost riders — and an onslaught of magic bullets.

We haven't been that scared for Stiles since his horrifying Nogitsune days — speaking of which, WHY is our favorite non-supernatural always caught in the Teen Wolf crossfire? Ugh.

Regardless, Stiles seemed to escape unscathed, until those closest to him began to look at him like a complete stranger — most of all, his dad. And Scott. Cue all of the tears.

Lydia seemed like our only hope (STYDIA ALERT!) — until she, too, appeared to be "forgetting" something. F*ck. That leaves us with one really, really important question: How on Earth can Scott and Co. save Stiles if they CAN'T REMEMBER HE EXISTS?!?

Any ideas? Give us your best theories, and catch the final season of Teen Wolf every Tuesday at 9/8c.