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Shawn Mendes Was Very Ready For His SNL Close-Up

He is especially good at looking into the camera. AND YOUR SOUL.

Let’s talk about Shawn Mendes and his supreme coordination skills for a second. Thanks to “Stitches” and the massive success of both his studio debut, 2015’s Handwritten, and its follow-up, Illuminate, he’s had plenty of stage time to hone his performance chops.

Thankfully, all of that showed when he hit the Saturday Night Live stage for the first time on December 3, because hot damn does the dude know how to show up and serenade the camera. He took to the piano first with the pleading “Mercy,” and he stared dead-on into the eyes of the at-home audience like he was born to do it.

The mellow vibes disintegrated for his second song, though, and Mendes was the picture of confidence with “Treat You Better,” the insanely addictive single off Illuminate that’s currently sitting pretty at No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Again, LOOK AT WHAT A NATURAL HE IS AT THIS. Stop looking so deeply into our souls, Mendes. It’s uncomfortably direct. (OK, it’s awesome, and just a testament to how strong of a performer the 18-year-old is at this exciting time in his career.)