Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic

DJ Khaled Blasted His Album While Snapchatting The Birth Of His Child Because Obviously

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The key to bringing a baby into this world is to play good music — especially if you made it yourself — and document the whole bloody, painful, extraordinary process on Snapchat. Or at least it is if you’re brand-new dad DJ Khaled, Snapchat impresario extraordinaire.

Early in the morning on October 23, Khaled welcomed his son by playing cuts from his album, Major Key, in the delivery room as his fiancée, Nicole Tuck, labored. Khaled kept the Snapchat rolling, even as Tuck pushed her way through the delivery of their baby boy, Asahd Tuck Khaled.

Soon, the baby’s cries ring out, and Khaled is clearly overcome with emotion as he spends his first moments with his son. (He shared those, too, though we only hear the baby — he and his mama are kept out of the frame.)

Congrats to Khaled and his new family!