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8 Minutes Of Proof That You Should Be Following DJ Khaled On Snapchat

Hopefully you already are.

It feels like in any arena in life, DJ Khaled is can't miss.

His albums have hits. His music videos are extravagant. His interviews have classic quotables. So it's only right that his Snapchats are required viewing, too.

If you haven't been following Khaled on there to this point, that will probably change after watching this eight-minute video compiling some of the most absurd, inspirational, funny, excessive, soul-warming clips around -- all from his recent Snapchats.

Also, a heads up: There are lots of shirtless hot tub shots.

If you're not on the app, you can also follow his shenanigans via a Twitter account dedicated solely to his Snaps. Here's a recent gem:

Now feels like as good a time as ever, too, to revisit Khaled's recent "Wise Words."