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Only President Obama Could Get Chance The Rapper To Ditch His Signature Hat

Chance and his dad are the cutest, fanciest pair at the White House state dinner

Who is Chance the Rapper without his signature “3” hat? A straight-up STUD, that’s who.

The Coloring Book rapper scored a coveted invite to the White House state dinner tonight (October 18), where he wisely ditched the cap in favor of more formal attire. Chance shared pics of his fancy threads prior to the dinner, but honestly, it’s hard to decide who looks more fly: Chance or his proud papa.

“Me and my Dad bout to pull up on Barack looking like some straight BOSSES,” he captioned the above snap, following up with another cute pic (and an even cuter caption) on Twitter.

Chance will be on hand to witness history tonight, as this state dinner marks the last one of the Obama administration. According to Time, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is the guest of honor, and fellow celeb attendees include Gwen Stefani and her beau Blake Shelton, Jerry Seinfeld, and Frank Ocean (anyone else really hoping Chance and Frank take a selfie together?!).

Chance’s invite to the dinner marks the latest milestone in his and Obama’s friendship. His deep cut “Acid Rain” landed on POTUS’s summer playlist, and it was recently announced that he’ll be performing at the White House’s annual tree lighting ceremony in December. Those Chi-town guys gotta stick together.