American Horror Story Just Featured Its Most Horrific Deaths Yet

Which ‘AHS’ death sounds more unpleasant: being disemboweled or having your arms ripped off?

Each season of American Horror Story finds more creative ways to kill people. Throats have been slit and people have been impaled by foreign objects, but that’s all pretty tame compared to the show’s more extreme deaths. From boarding people inside walls without food or water to being gruesomely dismembered by a murderous clown to being subjected to terrible experimentations on your body, AHS has zero chill when it comes to straight-up murdering people. But the show’s most recent deaths might actually be its most unsettling yet.

[Warning: Graphic images ahead, so if you don’t want to see what a disemboweling looks like, click away now.]

“Chapter 4” revealed the terrible fate of the murder-obsessed sister nurses who killed those sweet, innocent old people — and while they most definitely deserved to be horrifyingly de-limbed by the Butcher and her followers, that doesn’t mean I was ready to see it. Imagine playing tug-of-war with a human body. That’s essentially what happened to one of the murde— nurses. Her arms were slowly ripped from her body. Sounds agonizing, right?


Well, do you know what else sounds pretty damn terrible? Being disemboweled. In the episode’s final minutes, Cricket, who stupidly got out of his Uber to chase after Flora, was captured by the Butcher. And in perhaps the most disturbing sequence so far this season, Cricket was disemboweled — while he was still alive! — as Shelby and Matt watched in horror.

That is some next-level torture, Ryan Murphy.


Death is fluid on American Horror Story — just ask the Harmons or any of the residents of the Hotel Cortez. So it’s not like we won’t ever see Cricket or the murde— nurses again. Their souls are now bound to the property. But it was still tough to watch Cricket, an early fan-favorite and fellow Coke Zero enthusiast, go out like that. He was just trying to help Flora!

That being said, I’m not sure which death is more unpleasant. Obviously, disembowelment is the most horrific form of torture. It’s extremely unpleasant. But I’d have to imagine that at some point during disembowelment, your body has to be under so much shock you can hardly feel anything ... right? (Maybe that’s just my own wishful thinking.) Meanwhile, having your arms ripped apart from your body in an agonizingly slow game of tug-of-war, as the pain just builds and builds, sounds like the worst. OK, so maybe they both sound like the worst.

This is a real Sophie’s Choice of extreme torture. Damn you for making me ponder such macabre thoughts, Murphy.