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Did You Spot The Other Hemsworth Brother In HBO’s Westworld?

Move over, Chris! Bye, Liam! Luke is our Hemsworth overlord now.

If you checked out HBO’s new sci-fi western, Westworld, on Sunday night, then chances are you spotted a Hemsworth. But not just any Hemworth — the most elusive Hemsworth, Luke. Yes, Luke, the oft-forgotten third Hemsworth and the self-described “short, dumb brother” of Chris (Thor) and Liam (The Hunger Games). However, if Westworld taught us anything in its captivating first hour — other than, you know, the realization that sentient artificial intelligence is imminent — it’s that the internet needs to stop sleeping on Luke Hemsworth.

Seriously. Where have you all been?! Luke has been an essential part of the Hemsworth brothers mythos for a long time. He’s still the only Hemsworth brave enough to wear this, and a matching mankini, to a gold-themed party. Put some respeck on the man’s name!

Luke, 35, is the oldest of the Brothers Hemsworth, and he’s been acting in Australia for over a decade. It was actually Luke who started the current pop culture trend of Acting Hemsworths. Without Luke, there’d be no Chris or Liam. Some other guy would have been cast as Thor, leaving a giant hole in our Hollywood Chris Ranking (and our hearts, obviously). So let’s give Luke the respect he deserves, OK?

Long live Luke. Our new Hemsworth overlord.