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13 Times The Hemsworth Bros Displayed Their Sibling Rivalry

Chris, Luke, and Liam are basically internet feuding right now.

Now that all three Hemsworth Brothers are active on social media, they're quietly bro-ing down like crazy throughout and across their feeds, and if you haven't been paying attention to the passive-aggressive family feud that's now happening between Chris, Liam and Luke Hemsworth on Instagram, you're in for a familial treat.

By our count, there are at least a baker's dozen examples of the Hemsworth trio getting photo feisty with one another, and all we can say is: Keep it coming, boys.

  1. When they went back-and-forth with the magazine cover defacement.

    First, Chris tinkered with Liam's "Men's Health" issue. Then Liam returned the favor a la Chris' "Vanity Fair" issue.

    WINNER: Chris for originality.

  2. When they compared animal impersonation skills.

    Liam proved that his canine impersonation skills are on-bloody-point, but Chris countered with his kangaroo impression, for the checkmate (emphasis on mate because Australians).

    WINNER: Chris because kangaroos >>> everything.

  3. When they were flexed AF.

    Luke's been muscling it up on Insta for years, but Chris went and brought the kid into it.

    WINNER: Chris. You can't do much to beat benching babies. Sorry, Luke.

  4. When they competed for coolest first Insta.

    Chris brought it with his slithering backyard friend, sure. But Liam took this to a whole new level altogether by giving goo-eyes to the newly-available Miss Piggy.

    WINNER: Liam all day.

  5. When they tried to embarrass Liam so hard.

    Luke, hero, showed us Liam in a Ninja Turtle costume getting soaked for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Chris hit him with the open-mouth family photo flub, but even he seemed to know this had already been won.

    WINNER: Luke, no contest.

  6. When they played with dolls.

    Luke loves his Gale Hawthorne doll and totally volunteered as tribute to his baby brother. (He also gave some major love to Bobblehead Thor, FWIW.) Meanwhile, Liam let his dog turn his "Thor" doll into a chew toy and the world seemed right all of a sudden.

    WINNER: Liam for commitment to brotherly destruction and for teaching us that Thor's kryptonite is dog drool.

  7. When they all did the obligatory "I go to cool places, so hate on haters" selfie.

    Luke went to Notre Dame, and Liam hit Berlin.

    And Chris posed near the Sydney Opera House, which is still pretty cool even if it is close to home.

    WINNER: Let's be real. They're all winners here.

  8. When they finally revealed who the hippest Hemsworth is.

    Chris tried to prove he was the bravest brother by heading out in a helicopter with his pals, but Liam was basically like, "oh that's cool and all, but NBD I just jumped out of an airplane just now."

    WINNER: Liam with flying (badumtsh) colors.

  9. When they battled over who has the cutest kid pics.

    Liam was like, "Bro my dog makes your kid cuter." But then Chris was like, "Where you at now, L?"

    WINNER: Chris. Kissy pictures with kids always win. It's almost unfair, actually.

  10. When they surfed their way into our hearts.

    Liam showed that he knows how to hang ten like a MF, and Chris responded with his three-part action series.

    WINNER: Tie. These are both pretty amazing.

  11. When they decidedly were not skateboarding experts.

    Liam got his mate to land a trick so they "could go home." Meanwhile, Chris went and did one himself.

    WINNER: Chris. Obviously.

  12. When they competed over who made the weirdest home movie.

    "Get a Grip" was by Liam Hemsworth, while "Met Superman Today" was done by Chris Hemsworth.

    WINNER: Liam because the frustration was visceral with this thing.

  13. When they experimented with props.

    Liam Hemsworth and his festival swag (pantsless because that's allowed) vs. Chris and the crazy "Thor" box.

    (Luke has also proven a formidable opponent in this category. See here.)

    WINNER: There's no way to choose between these two pieces of social media excellence, so we're going to call this one a tie.