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Kendall Jenner Has Not One, Not Two, But Three October Vogue Covers

The girl is on a roll

One might think that after landing the September issue of Vogue, Kendall Jenner would take a break from covering Vogue for a minute and relish in her success. One would be completely and utterly wrong. On the contrary, she’s racking ’em up.

Today, Kendall unveiled her brooding Vogue Germany cover, where she takes a cue from her older sister and wears a corset outside of her shirt. She also wears the jacket at half-mast, as all PYTs are doing this fall.

That isn’t even her first October Vogue cover. It’s not even her first this week.

Earlier in the week, she showed off her much brighter Vogue Australia cover, where, again, she doesn’t fully wear a jacket. Taking notes.