Paul R. Giunta/FilmMagic

Young Thug Hops On The Runway To Fix A New York Fashion Week Show

The fashion-forward rapper couldn't let an imperfect look just walk on by

If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself — even if that involves interrupting a New York Fashion Week presentation and straightening out a model's garment before they've reached the end of the runway.

That's what went down Wednesday night (September 7) at the VFILES show, as Young Thug, now known as Jeffery, left his front-row seat and stopped a model in order to adjust his Rushemy Botter coat.

The model is, understandably, not thrilled about the intrusion, if we're going by the icy glare Jeffery got shortly after the run-in.

The show proceeded as planned, the model made it to the end of the runway, and Jeffery saved a coat from getting a less-than-stellar (by his standards) showing at NYFW. All's well that ends well, especially if it looks haute as hell — and hey, it's not like Jeffery's inexperienced when it comes to this whole fashion thing, either.

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