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Chance The Rapper Proved He’s The Biggest Beyoncé Fan At Her Birthday Party

No one accessorizes quite like Lil Chano from 79th

Chance the Rapper reacted exactly the same way you would when he got videobombed by Beyoncé at this year’s VMAs. But unlike you, Chance is now excellent buds with Beyoncé — he even got an invite to her birthday party.

Beyoncé turned 35 on Sunday (September 4), and Monday night, Chance shared a photo and video from her Soul Train–themed party. The pic in particular stands out because Beyoncé is standing right next to Chance, who’s wearing a goddamn lemon slice belt buckle.

If that’s not proof that Lil Chano’s been officially indoctrinated into the upper echelons of the Beyhive, I don’t know what is.