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Chance The Rapper Is All Of Us Meeting Beyoncé Backstage At The VMAs

Chance is me. Chance is you. Chance is all of us.

It’s nice to know that even famous people aren’t immune to Beyoncé’s celebrity. From Kanye West candidly declaring that the only person he’s OK losing to is Queen Bey to Ariana Grande totally fangirling over Bey’s incredible, earth-shattering performance at the 2016 VMAs, this is that rare occasion when we can use the phrase, “Stars, they’re just like us!” — and not ironically.

But no one had a better reaction to Beyoncé than Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper. When Beyoncé crashed his backstage interview with MTV News’s Meredith Graves, Chance did what any mere mortal would do in the presence of a god: He freaked the fuck out. Seriously. There was zero chill to be found. Watch:

Of course, it didn’t take long for the internet to put Chance’s adorably apt reaction to good use. Chance the Rapper is me. Chance the Rapper is you. Chance the Rapper is all of us.

It’s Beyoncé’s world, and we’re just blessed enough to live in it.

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