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James Corden Gets Oil-Bombed By Teyana Taylor In His ‘Fade’ Parody

The ‘Late Late Show’ host just wants to lift weights in peace

Kanye West dropped his mesmerizing “Fade” video starring Teyana Taylor at the VMAs on Sunday (August 28), and of course it didn’t take long for the parodies to start rolling in.

In a skit on The Late Late Show last night (August 29), expert music video parodist James Corden served up his take on the sweaty clip. In the original video, Taylor dances around a gym like the ’80s never ended. She’s presumably alone (until her husband Iman Shumpert shows up), but in Corden’s version of “Fade,” he’s there at the same gym just trying to work out in peace.

Taylor’s moves are distracting enough for your everyday late-night TV show host, but things really get out of hand when she starts to fill the gym up with sheep. Doesn’t she know about the establishment’s strict “no sheep” policy?

Kanye’s gym is no place for lifting weights, that’s for sure.