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Watch James Corden Become Beyoncé To Share His Secret Lemonade Recipe

Meet Jimmy with the good hair

Everyone has Beyoncé fever this week, even James Corden.

The Late Late Show host kicked off his Monday (April 25) night episode by showing off his fresh transformation into Lemonjames, a.k.a. Jimmy with the good hair, a.k.a. Jayoncé -- a nod to Bey's new visual album, Lemonade. Corden did his best Bey impression while ruminating on the difficulties of writing opening monologues and Trump jokes. He also shared his personal recipe for lemonade, which includes a whole lot of sugar and a dash of despair.

No Lemonade parody would be complete without smashing a few TVs with a baseball bat, and luckily Corden checked that box, too. Watch him assume his secret lingerie-wearing identity below.