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Kim Kardashian Has So Many Selfies She’s Adding New Chapters To Her Book

The book is already 448 pages, FYI

Last year, Kim Kardashian released a book filled with selfies from over nine years of her life. While 448 pages might seem like more than enough for photos of Kim taken by Kim, it’s not — the book is getting a rerelease.

Kim announced the news on Instagram on Friday (August 12), revealing that the book will be released again with two new chapters. Why this book needs chapters, we’ll never know, but we do know that those selfies Kim took while the family drove Khloé to jail didn’t make it in the first time, so they’ll definitely be included.

There are probably also a few nude selfies that weren’t captured in time for the first edition, so you can expect them when the new one is released on October 11.