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Kim Kardashian Just Found One Of Her Most Infamous Selfies -- And It's Not In Her Book

Kim Kardashian just found a set of selfies she took when Khloe Kardashian went to jail.

In the many years of iconic Kim Kardashian selfies, there's one that most people haven't actually seen. Taken while the Kardashian clan drove Khloe to jail in 2008, most people are only aware of Kim taking the selfie, but haven't actually seen the evidence. But all of that might now change if Kim gets her way for the publication of her new book, "Selfish."

After Kim found the photos, she took to Twitter to debate what to do with them.

Throughout the day, Kim posted a series of photographs on twitter and Instagram tagged #SiblingSelfie. Before writing about the Khloe selfies, Kim posted this older shot of the two doing press on the radio.

Eventually, Kim came to a solution.

Is another edition of "Selfish" in the works right as the first edition is launching? We're sure Kim has enough additional selfies to supplement an updated version.