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Watch Taylor Swift Lip-Sync ‘Treat You Better’ For Shawn Mendes’s Birthday

The cute video also celebrates International Cat Day, because of course it does

As we learned earlier today (Aug. 8), Shawn Mendes rang in his 18th birthday with a cake, a thoughtful group of friends, and a giant crowd sing-along. That was cute and all, sure, but Taylor Swift has just one-upped the celebrations by sending Mendes a birthday message he’ll probably never forget.

The singer took her new set of curls to Instagram Stories to share a video of herself lip-syncing Mendes’s latest single, “Treat You Better”. Ever the devoted feline lover, she captioned the clip, “Partying for Shawn’s bday & international cat day.” She’s even wearing a sweater with cats on it, because the girl is nothing but entirely “on brand”.

This is the second year in a row that Swift has given her buddy Mendes an unforgettable birthday surprise. Last year, during his opening stint on her 1989 Tour, Swift got an entire Seattle arena to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, which left him adorably floored. But whether it's a crowd of 70,000 singing to him, or just Tay jamming out alone, she's clearly the queen of making Mendes's big day a special one.