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Shawn Mendes Got An Adorable Onstage Surprise For His 18th Birthday

Happy birthday, Shawn!

Shawn Mendes is a busy guy, and his rock and roll lifestyle doesn’t stop just because he turns a year older. But his best friends know that when you can’t bring the dude to the party, you’ve got to bring the party to the dude.

Mendes got a special birthday surprise for his 18th last night (August 7) in Nashville, Tennessee, when his buddies stormed the stage of The Fontanel, where he’d been performing, with a cake and a bunch of birthday hugs. They even got the crowd to sing “happy birthday” while Mendes blew out his candles.

Sometimes you’ve got to work on the eve of your 18th birthday, even if you’re an international Vine star, but having your best friends there with you can make all the difference.