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Joe Budden Turned Memes About Himself Into A Lyric

Of course

Sure, Joe Budden became a meme over the weekend when clips surfaced online of him chasing down the car of some Drake fans who ran up on his home. But Joey’s not stressing about it. Not only did he laugh in a recent interview about the digital response to his actions, but he’s even referencing the ordeal in lyrics.

On a new freestyle on Funkmaster Flex over Fabolous’s Just Blaze–produced “Breathe,” he rapped: “You never see how I handle the spot / Been on both sides of the fence, seen the hammer get cocked / I give a fuck if young n***as understand it or not / Sometimes you gotta show the kids you really ran with the rock.”

As you may recall, Budden, with rocks, ran after some Drake fans who had approached his house and shouted at him. There are a couple other potential meanings here, too: Budden, well more than a decade into his career, trying to remind younger listeners that he has accomplished a lot, like a football player who “ran with the rock”; then, there’s both the fact that he once almost signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and feuded with its founder, Jay Z.

There’s also a lyric from the Drake dis “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” tucked in here, but in general this isn’t about Drake, but Joe Budden rapping, and rapping some more.