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Joe Budden On What Really Happened Between Him And Those Drake Fans

He walks through what went down in those viral videos

The feud between Joe Budden and Drake took a strange turn over the weekend when video surfaced online of Drake fans running up on Joe's home and car, and him returning the favor by chasing down their vehicle. Then, after all that, he reportedly showed up at the fan's home. Plus, there are the memes that it inspired.

But what exactly happened? And how?

Joey explained the sequence of events to Complex in a new episode of Hot Ones. Though the full episode isn't out yet, the three-minute preview clip walks through the viral weekend encounter.

This was just the latest — and most unexpected — chapter in the feud between the two MCs, which so far has produced four dis tracks from Joe, a handful of subliminals from Drake, an open letter from Joe, and an onstage call-out from Drake.

The saga continues.