The New American Horror Story Teasers Will Raise Every Hair On Your Body

These aren’t the good kind of goosebumps

FX and Vice released three new teasers for American Horror Story on Snapchat on Wednesday, and they leave fans with more questions than answers for Season 6.

There’s still no word on the season’s theme, but each clip features a number six hidden in its own ominous way. (That’s 666 in a row, if you want to be even more creeped out.) Behold the terror:

First up, an ominous smoke column rising from a ramshackle old house. Next, a zombified hand bearing a knife. Finally, hands grabbing at some pour soul’s ankles. Did anyone else just feel chills up their spine or ...?

Season 6 of AHS premieres on FX on September 14. Sweet dreams nightmares till then.