Are You The One? Catfight: Camille And Tori Battle For Asaf's Heart

Who's more likely to win his affections?

Meet Are You The One? love triangle no. 142: Asaf, Camille and Tori.

When the romance fizzled between Asaf and Francesca (the sweet New Yorker was tragically cast into "little sister" territory when she wouldn't give it up), the fearless Israeli quickly put his sights on Camille. The (other) New York native was instantly smitten — she did utter the word "obsessed" — when the two paired up for the getaway challenge during tonight's episode.

After a failed challenge and fed up with chatter of matches and feelings, Asaf declared, "I want to kiss somebody." Enter Tori.

Not ready to give up her man so easily, Camille later all but begged Asaf to make out — after a night of scantily clad celebrating (perfect match alert, thanks Cameron and Mikala!), mind you.

Now divided between two women (the average man's dream come true), Asaf found himself falling harder for the free-spirited Tori. But Camille threw a wrench in Rico Suave's plans when she chose him during the match-up ceremony. Naturally, a less-than-pleased Tori was ready to put up a catfight — rawr sound effects and all.

"Ladies, no need to fight over me," Asaf said in confessional. "We can all have some fun together."

HA, something tells us that won't go over well with the gals.

So who do you think is a better match for Asaf -- Camille or Tori? And more importantly, who is going to win his heart, match-up science aside? Post your theories, and watch it all go down on Monday, July 11 at 10/9c!

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