Reconciled Rivals: Are Sarah And Bananas Unstoppable Now That They’ve Buried The Hatchet?

After two years, the former enemies are finally back on the same page

In an act as long-awaited as Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Rivals III pair Johnny Bananas and Sarah have finally buried the hatchet after a two-year Challenge conflict. And while winning the big money seems more likely for the powerhouse team as a united front, there’s still a long, winding path to victory.

On tonight’s episode, Johnny and Sarah -- both former Challenge winners -- destroyed "Laps of Judgment,” a grueling obstacle course that dared teams to eat brains and run naked laps (why not!), among other things. Johnny gave Sarah -- who admitted cardio endurance is not her strong suit -- a ton of credit for hanging tough, and when the duo eventually sat down to their winners’ dinner, they had a long, overdue conversation about their falling out.

While deciding which two teams to nominate into The Jungle, Johnny attempted to lighten the mood with a joke about the tension that had manifested between him and Sarah way back on Exes II. Sarah, who went on to win the game, sent Johnny into an 11th-hour elimination round that eventually ousted him from the game and paved her way to victory.

“If you would have told me two weeks ago that I was gonna be sitting down with you, without security staff standing between us, I would have never believed it,” Johnny said, and while Sarah laughed along, she finally admitted to feeling guilt for her vote.

“In the 30 seconds I had to make that decision, I didn’t know that I’d have to choose between me winning money that could change my life or a friendship,” she said. “I wanted both. And I couldn’t have both… Being paired with Bananas forces me to confront these feelings, and that’s hard for me.”

Sarah added that while she wouldn’t apologize for her vote, she was happy to extend contrition for “putting a price” on her friendship with Johnny. But, upon the heart-to-heart, she said she felt like her debts had finally been paid.

“Once Bananas and I mend our friendship, there’s really nothing that can get in the way of us winning this,” she said.

And Johnny, who’s very happily held onto the years-long grudge, finally conceded that he may have been too hard on Sarah, whom he acknowledged was just trying to stack the Exes II odds in her favor to win.

“What it’s taken me a long time to understand is that she wanted to give herself the best shot at winning even if that meant sacrificing a friendship, and it took me awhile to accept that,” he said.

Now, both teammates seem to think they’ve got the game in the bag, but is it really such a sure thing? What do you think -- are Sarah and Bananas unstoppable now that they’ve finally come to an understanding, or are there other Challenge teams that will give them a run for their money? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a new Rivals III Wednesday at 10/9c!