Kim Kardashian/Instagram

North West Can't Stop Licking Kim Kardashian On Snapchat

Nori has conquered her fear of filters

North West is slowly but surely warming up to Kim Kardashian's superstar social media status. In the past, Nori's tweeted from her mom's account, but Snapchat has remained a mystery. She was scared of filters, she said at the time. Apparently, that has changed.

Kim and Nori spent some quality mother-daughter time swiping through Snapchat filters. Nori, no longer scared of the quirky animations, tried out various animal faces. She oinked with the pig, meowed with the cat, and woofed with the dog.

And as all good dogs do, Nori licked the nearest person — and Kim licked her right back. 🐶

They also did a mildly horrifying face swap.

Clearly, Nori is too precious for this world. "I love you," she says in the video below.

We love you too, Nori. Please keep being all kinds of adorable.