Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Unlike Her Mom, North West Does Not Love Snapchat

She's scared of it. I get it.

North West may have tweeted on behalf of her mom, Kim Kardashian, and posted on Instagram too, but don't expect her to jump on Kim's brand new Snapchat any time soon.

Last night, Kim shared a video of North — well, North's voice + tiny hand — saying she was "scared of Snapchat." The reason she's not into it? The filters, Kim surmises. I mean, have you seen that bunny one? Terrifying. I get it.

Just to drive home how, uhhh, not into Snapchat is, Kim shared a photo with a very scared looking North. No filters were used on the photo and this is still North's face, so maybe she's just not into Snapchat, like, generally? It's OK, North — no one is that into it at first. It'll grow on you.