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New Frontier: Where Is Max Joseph Hunting Catfish For The Very First Time?

The silver fox is 'psyched' to be in this state

Catfish are known for hailing from certain states -- but every once in a while, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph pack their bags and travel to a brand-new neck of the woods. So where in the world is Carmen Sandiego the silver fox?

"So psyched to be in Alaska for the first time in my life!" the MTV co-host captioned the Twitpic above. "Really. I know I don't look it here but I am. For catfish."

And as soon as Max started soaking in his picturesque surroundings, he became enamored with The Last Frontier.

Beautiful, indeed! Be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday and be on the lookout for this specific Alaska-based installment. And for a fun rewind, see Nev and Max recount the places they have frequented the most for the cyber-themed series.

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