Which State Is Home To The Most Catfish?

Plus, Nev and Max reveal why they think these places feature more suspicious folks.

Catfish can be found across the country -- Nev and Max know this fact all too well and will travel near and far to uncover cyber frauds. But there are several places that are home to more suspicious online folks than your average area. So which state takes the No. 1 spot for most visits?

"The catfish record used to be held by Georgia, particularly Atlanta," MTV's very own silver fox recently told MTV News at a press junket, seen above.

"Or Catlanta, as we like to call it," Nev interjected. Oh, these two!

But The Peach State apparently no longer holds this coveted place in the record books -- and lost its ranking to several other special spots that the detectives have frequented more often. Find out where in the clip below -- and hear why Nev and Max think these states are prone to so many internet impostors as well as where they would like to visit. Plus, be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c!

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