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Dylan Sprouse's New Job Is So Brooklyn, And 12 Other Things We Learned From His Reddit AMA

The Suite Life star is a lurker on Reddit's streetwear scene

On Thursday (April 14), Dylan Sprouse was called out for subscribing to the Reddit subthread /r/streetwear and asked to do a Reddit AMA. And because he's a good sport, he actually did it, referring to himself as a "resident fuccboi" — which is what Reddit deems subscribers to the subthread.

The Internet congregated to ask Dylan about the fashion industry, his opinions on style, fun facts, and even some Disney nostalgia.

  1. His least favorite trend right now is oddly specific.

    He definitely isn't a fan of "beanies with the loose air in the top," because it "look[s] [like] gnome shit goin on fuck." Well, he's not wrong.

  2. His style inspirations come from Japan.

    This makes sense, since he's visited Japan with his brother Cole and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior star Shin Koyamada. "My style inspos are the dope women and men from Japan reppin their shit in NYC. I don't know what it is, but Tokyo designers have the coolest styles man," he admitted.

  3. He's also inspired by Scandinavia.

    Dylan's super into Norse mythology, so his "encyclopedic knowledge of Scandinavian sagas" helps shape his style, including Norse-style jewelry.

  4. If he could start a new fashion trend, it would be neo-medieval.

    "Think there were some dope old trends that lost their way due to rising hostilities in the political atmosphere," he explained.

  5. Dylan's favorite New York City menswear clothier is Cadet.

    Even though their prices can be steep, Dylan said, "I think the pseudo-military stuff with elastic ankles is dope and making a stance in NYC that's here to stay."

  6. He still enjoys "wearing visible, high socks" from the 2000s era.

    I mean, he seriously loves them, because he "wear[s] em almost every day, even with jorts."

  7. His favorite fashion trend to pop up within the last few years is pretty cozy.

    He enjoys, "Loose knit sweaters [that are] coming back hard," plus, he likes "the whole 'moths ate all my shit' look." As do we all.

  8. If Kanye West asked Dylan to model in one of his shows, Dylan might consider it.

    Apparently, the two celebs are sort of neighbors in California, and Dylan said he "wouldn't be averse to [the idea]."

  9. Don't expect some kind of Dylan Sprouse clothing brand to emerge anytime soon.

    When asked if he'd ever start his own brand, he replied, "Probably not, I enjoy participating in the scene, but will leave the groundbreaking stuff to the wizards."

  10. Despite doing this Reddit AMA about streetwear, Dylan's favorite subthread is /r/youtubehaiku.

    He didn't give a reason, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and believe that's because it's awesome.

  11. His favorite The Suite Life of Zack and Cody character isn't himself or Cole.

    Arwin Hochauser, the Tipton Hotel's engineer, is his fave, saying, "Arwin bustin it out with the fresh onsies ya know." Oh, we know.

  12. Sure, he went to NYU for video game design, but right now, he's doing something completely different.

    Dylan's new gig is with "NYC's first Meadery" All-Wise Meadery, which brews mead (alcohol made from fermenting honey and water with yeast). He's also the youngest Master Brewer in the U.S., apparently. When asked how the project was coming along, Dylan replied, "real estate is giving me some problems but it should be worked out by fall."

  13. Lastly, he sort of called That's So Raven star Kyle Massey a "busta."
    Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

    Dylan admitted, "Cole and I gave Kyle the DS game of Cory in the House for his birthday. Busta was certainly implied." 😂😂😂