'That’s So Raven’ Star Kyle Massey Shares A Fun Throwback Pic That Is Anything But Nasty

It'll make you go, 'Oh snap!'

It's impossible to hear the words "Disney Channel" and not think of "That's So Raven." The hit '00s show, which starred Raven-Symoné, centered around Raven Baxter as she tried to balance the *joys* of high school while dealing with her unpredictable psychic visions.

From 2003-07, kids were constantly shouting phrases such as, "Ya nasty," "Oh snap" and "Pipe down Paul and eat your pudding." (OK, that last one might've just been me.)

Kyle Massey, who played Raven's younger brother Cory, uploaded a classic throwback pic to Instagram on Saturday. And let me tell ya, it's definitely making us shout "oh snap!" right now.

"It all started somewhere......," captioned Massey.

Just like that time Devon Carter (Lil' J) brought the Blue Rain concert to Raven's window, we're so feeling this.


Co-star Orlando Brown, who played Eddie Thomas, regrammed Massey's pic, adding "It all did start somewhere.... blessings."

While Raven hasn't shared the photo (yet), she did post an awesome throwback pic of her own on Thursday, from a time when she partied it up in the year 2049 on an orbiting space station. Zetus Lapetus!

Our actual reaction right now: