Real World Mystery: Who Leaked The 411 On Jenna?

The Southerner certainly has an idea.

Jenna was able to stay in the Real World by the skin of her teeth -- but one of her fellow temporary Las Vegas transplants has some strong sentiments toward their roommate and is spreading said thoughts all over the Internet. So who is responsible for this controversial cyber development?

During tonight's episode, the Southerner -- who has had difficulty getting along with the majority of the cast due to her differing views on a variety of topics -- learned that she would not be going home after her roommates opted to keep her a part of this unique experience (she wasn't medically cleared to complete a physically demanding mission). While she was spared by her roommates, the Jenna drama was far from over.

Kailah, who has repeatedly voiced her negative opinions about Jenna, received a mysterious email from her mom stating that the Internet was bashing the aspiring singer. Specifically, the online passage divulged that Jenna made racist and homophobic comments -- pieces of information that could be damaging to the South Carolina native's future.

Kailah, who denied her involvement, quickly shared the information with Chris. But the two allies had differing thoughts on how to approach their findings. Specifically, she wanted to come forward and show it to Jenna, while he wanted to keep it hidden for the time being.

However, Sabrina was actually the one to spill the beans to Jenna -- and when Jenna read the story, her attention immediately shifted to two possible culprits.

"It could be Kailah; it could be Chris," she tearfully admitted during a separate interview. "I don't really know, but I'm so mad."

While Jenna has her sights set on the duo, the mystery is far from over. Who do you think is behind this info popping up on the web? Share your theories in the comments, and see how everything plays out during the next episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday at 10/9c.