Real World Predicament: Will Jenna Go Home Because She Can't Complete This Week's Mission?

A neck injury meant the 22-year-old couldn't perform the physical task at hand.

The Go Big or Go Home rules were clearly outlined from the outset: If any cast member fails to complete the mission at hand, said person will be required to leave Sin City immediately. So will the Real World cast be forced to prematurely say goodbye to one of their own?

During tonight's brand-new episode, Jenna (who has clashed with almost everyone under the Gold Spike roof) was experiencing neck pain after falling off of an ATV during a group outing. While she tried to tough out the discomfort, it proved to be too much and she went to the hospital for treatment. While Jenna was told she would recover from the strain, the Southerner was instructed to avoid any strenuous activity to ensure it healed properly.

But, as is the case with this season's theme, physical challenges are par for the course. And right after Jenna received her doctor's orders, the gang received an ominous message -- "In 24 hours, take the plunge" -- accompanying a montage of water splashes and the cast members discussing their fears of H20.

Understandably, Jenna was nervous about her inability to complete the task at hand -- and her anxiety proved to be warranted as soon as Matt (a producer on the series) told her in front of the whole group that she was not medically cleared to participate.

"Okay, so I'm going home," she declared matter-of-factly in a separate interview.

But is this really the end of the road for the South Carolina native? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to watch a brand-new episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday at 10/9c to find out Jenna's fate.