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Fearless Teen Stands Up To Homophobic Aunt, Internet Goes Wild

'You are worth more than the ignorant people in your life'

It's been a wild weekend for 18-year-old Charlie and her Aunt Marie. On Saturday, April 2, the pair got into some ~family drama~ and Charlie, who came out as bisexual two years ago, tweeted about it.

Things quickly escalated from there.

"Gay people have a lot of drama," Aunt Marie wrote. "I tried to understand this bi shit you claim to be but you teenagers make stuff up all the time. Youre [sic] young you will find a man. You can change. You used to be so clever."

Charlie had a 🔥🔥🔥 response to her aunt's scathing words, which she shared with the Twittersphere:

"I posted my response to the text because I wanted people to see that I stood up for myself," Charlie told BuzzFeed. "I also made myself laugh so I thought it’d be funny, but I had no idea exactly how many people would find it funny."

Turns out, a whole lot of people found the exchange hilarious -- at least, judging from the 16 million impressions her tweets racked up. Casual.

Since Charlie's tweets went viral, the internet's backlash has been straight-up savage. People are angrier at Aunt Marie than they were at Sad Papaw's grandkids. There's an Aunt Marie starter pack meme. A parody Twitter account, @AUNTMARIEHO, emerged. Over 1,000 people signed a petition to get Charlie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Still, others thought Charlie was faking the whole thing for attention.

The response became so intense, Charlie shared her side of the story the next day: "Why would I use homophobic abuse against MYSELF for 10 seconds of Twitter fame?? having [sic] a family that aren't [sic] accepting is AWFUL and I would never use that for attention."

“I think a lot of people have been affected by my text to [my aunt] because it’s something that hardly ever happens. LGBT teenagers/children are very passive when it comes to ignorance and abuse from their family because it’s their family,” Charlie later explained in an interview with Fusion. “They feel as though they can’t argue with them or even defend themselves because we’re taught that family is the most important thing and conflicting views shouldn’t change anything.”

There's no word on how Aunt Marie is handling all of this -- Charlie said they hadn't spoken yet. Charlie did, however, receive a terrifying "Charlotte Louise what the fuck have you done now" text from her mom. Meanwhile, her dad was cool with the whole situation.

“You should remind yourself that you are worth more than the ignorant people in your life,” Charlie told Fusion. “Whether you’re out or not you’re amazing and there is definitely nothing wrong with you, you should always be you and put yourself first.”

Charlie: 1. Aunt Marie: 0.