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Everyone's Mad At This Man's Grandkids After Seeing This Heartbreaking Photo

The story behind the pic will crush your heart

When Kelsey Harmon's grandpa, affectionately known as Papaw, made burgers for his six grandchildren, he expected a nice family dinner as he should've. Instead, he became a viral Internet star. (Man, don't you hate it when that happens?)

Harmon, a college student from Oklahoma, ended being the only grandkid who showed up. On Wednesday, March 16, she tweeted out a somber photo of Papaw eating one of the twelve burgers he'd made for his fam. He asked them to visit over spring break.

"[Papaw]'s always trying to make sure we all stay close to him and close to each other," Harmon told BuzzFeed.

"I sit down and get a plate, but he waits because he wanted to make sure everyone else got plenty," Harmon explained. "Well about 30 minutes pass and he decides he’ll eat just one. An hour goes by and nobody shows. I could tell he was disappointed, but I made sure to stick around and hang out with him. We had a really great time."

The Internet immediately came to Papaw's defense. People were crushed by the photo and its story.

Some were angry at the family members who flaked. After seeing the tweet and its overwhelming response, cousin Brock Harmon finally visited his Papaw.

Both family members later took to Twitter to express how much they love their Papaw and reassure followers that he's doing just fine.

"Papaw is perfectly fine. He knows about his new found [sic] fame and he is just as shocked as me," Kelsey wrote. "He doesn't understand social media but he is very thankful for all the kind words!!"

Meanwhile, Brock also shared his own touching message: "He [Papaw] made it very clear to try and make this a learning experience. For those of you that have your grandparents around, call them, tell them you love them. Make an effort to go see them."

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