Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Offers Tips For Finding Your Very Own Cole

Listen up, ladies!

Throughout the years on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea voiced her desire to meet a caring and supportive partner -- and during the past two seasons of the long-running series, the 24-year-old and her main man Cole have showcased their special love story.

With the nice guy officially off of the market -- he popped the question during this week's episode and the sweethearts are planning to say "I do" this fall -- Aubree's mama has a few pointers for women who are looking for a guy like her future husband. All the single ladies better put your hands up and listen...

"First of all, I think I got one-of-a-kind, ladies -- and he's mine," the imminent bride recently told MTV News, as seen in the video above. Fair point, C!

But back to the tips: Most importantly, it's imperative that you pay attention to everything around you at all times -- even during errands.

"I met him at a gas station, so keep your eyes open, ladies, when you're pumping gas," Chelsea explains. "Look at your surroundings."

What other advice is Chelsea offering on finding a man similar to her fiancé? Watch her dish in the humorous clip -- and be sure to catch the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. DeBoer on Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 10/9c!