Josh Horowitz Meets Sam Rockwell...and His Sex Gimp

In the latest "MTV After Hours With Josh Horowitz," our beloved protagonist finds himself wedged right in between "The Way Way Back" star Sam Rockwell and his sex gimp. Hmmm, looks like Mr. Rockwell is taking a page straight out of "This Is the End." Saucy!

Horowitz is just looking for a relaxing night in his hotel room. Ya service, a little pay-per-view and some well-deserved R&R. However, Rockwell has a different, leather-bound plan. Ruh-roh!

Rockwell, being the erotic Einstein gentleman he is, gladly welcomes Horowitz into his hotel room when the two are mistakenly given the same reservation. It is a trip made in bromance heaven, complete with same-bed cuddling and card games. That is until  Rockwell's gimp, in all his leather-mask-sombrero-mute glory, f**ks everything up. Now, poor 'ole Horowitz is subject to the duo's treacherous games (Pillow fights! "Fifty Shades of Grey" book club! Awkward bathroom activities!)... and three is definitely a crowd.

Check out all of the gimp shenanigans in the video above, and double-check your next hotel reservation to make sure the same nightmare doesn't happen to you!