Life In The Real World: Will Sabrina Meet Her Biological Mom?

The 21-year-old has a very personal 'Go Big Or Go Home' task.

Last season of the Real World featured Jason meeting his father (aka his skeleton) for the first time. But will history repeat itself during the show's 31st installment?

Sabrina, who revealed right out of the gate that she was adopted, received a personal Go Big or Go Home mission during this week's episode -- specifically, finding and coming face-to-face with a woman she has never known: her biological mom.

Understandably, the vivacious New Englander (who found out she was adopted at age 12) felt some trepidation about the possibility of seeing her birth mother -- even before she learned that she might potentially be able to spend those inaugural moments with her flesh and blood.

"Obviously, I have an amazing family; I was adopted the day I was born," Sabrina told Dean during a candid conversation about their fears. "I'd be afraid to meet my real parents."

Fast-forward to the task at hand: The 21-year-old was instructed to call a number, which turned out to be an investigation company. She later spoke with a detective about her circumstances and explained that her 18-year-old biological sister was adopted by her parents as well and that she had never heard from her birth mother (even though Sabrina's birth mother had expressed interest in meeting both of her children when they were older than 18).

"I don't think I have room in my heart to be hurt again," she tearfully admitted in the confessional during a separate interview.

While it's now a waiting game for Sabrina, will she be able to fulfill the opportunity at stake? And even if the investigation company is able to locate Sabrina's birth mother, will the parent want to become acquainted with her firstborn? Share your theories, and be sure to keep watching Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursdays at 10/9c.