Meghan Trainor Dances Off Unwanted Attention In The ‘No' Video

🙅🏻 Don't even try it🏻 🙅🏻

Meghan Trainor is the living embodiment of the “arms crossed no way” emoji.

In her new video for “No,” the singer joins a dance troupe in a mysterious warehouse to lay down the denial on anyone who’s even thinking about getting in her space.

Decked out in a long gold lamé jacket, then full-body fishnets, Trainor flips her newly red hair around while mapping out the moves to universal and unequivocal rejection. The video brings back some major ‘90s pop vibes — think TLC, Destiny’s Child, and Britney Spears — and even seems to nod to those early iPod commercials with its black and red silhouette shots.

Watch “No” below.