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Meghan Trainor Teaches You How To Turn Boys Down On New Song 'NO'

The first single off her forthcoming Thank You.

Meghan Trainor has released the first single off her upcoming album Thank You, and it's the ideal step-by-step guide to deflecting unwanted attention.

“NO” has the Grammy-winning artist feeling totally “untouchable.” “If I want a man, then I'ma get a man,” she sings. "But it’s never my priority."

As far as Trainor’s concerned, the single life is looking pretty good — and it’s going to take way more than a pickup line to make her change her mind.

She also revealed the album art for Thank You on Instagram, featuring her gorgeous new red hair.

Trainor became a star with her body positive hit single “All About That Bass,” but she revealed in a new interview that wasn’t always easy for her to accept herself the way she was.

The 22-year-old singer told CBS how much she struggled with body image during her high school years.

“I – every day – wore sweatshirts and sweatpants to cover up my body because I was so insecure,” she told Tracy Smith. “It would be summer. And I would go on vacation and I’d be in Trinidad and Tobago, 90-degree weather, and I’d be wearing sweatshirts.”

Even when her family worried about her choice of clothing, Trainor would stay covered up. “I didn’t want to show anything,” she said. "I was just so insecure and uncomfortable."

Luckily, her music helped her on her journey to loving herself – and it’s helping other girls love their bodies, too.

“I get messages all the time, ‘I hated myself, I didn’t want to go to school. I was so uncomfortable, and now I love myself. And I was in a really dark place until your song came out,’” Trainor said. “And I was like, ‘Whoa, man, we’ve got to do more of these. We’ve got to do more of these songs.”