Syncopated Ladies / YouTube

Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This 'Formation' Tap Dance — Even Beyoncé

This tap squad redefines 'slay'

For every video Beyoncé releases, hundreds of tribute videos follow, but the latest take on “Formation” carries the Queen’s own stamp of approval.

A tap dancing squad called Syncopated Ladies has choreographed an amazing dance to Bey’s newest single. Their footwork is so impressive that Beyoncé shared their video on Facebook.

The video was choreographed and produced by tap dancing sisters Chloe and Maud Arnold, who live in Washington, D.C. "Beyoncé is so inspiring as a black woman because she's extremely talented but beyond that she's a business woman, she's kind, she's amazing, she's everything you want to be," Maud said in an interview with The Huffington Post. "She holds her sisters up, she inspires others, she loves being a black woman and she embraces it. And it's really important for us to express that, too."

The Arnold sisters aren’t the only ones moving their feet to “Formation.” Tap dancers from around the world shared their take on Syncopated Ladies’s dance, which they tacked on to the end of their original video.