WilldaBeast Adams & Tim Milgram / YouTube

These Insane 'Formation' Dancers Slay As Hard As Beyoncé

Watch them get in 'formation' and KILL IT.

Los Angeles-based dancer and choreographer Will "WilldaBeast" Adams is back with some badass moves to Beyoncé's new single, "Formation." Dancers from Adams' immaBEAST dance company slayed their performance in a video filmed and edited by Tim Milgram.

Groups of dancers rotate across the studio floor and man, can they move. I'm not even sure how bodies can shimmy that way. Anything I write here won't do their skills justice, so just take a look at the video yourself.

Fun fact: China Taylor, the dancer who opens the video, was actually in Bey's "Formation" video and performed alongside her during the Super Bowl halftime show. Casual.

If you're feeling ~inspired~, Adams is releasing a step-by-step tutorial video to learn his choreography. You can pre-order it here for $4.99. May the moves be with you.

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