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This Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran Mashup Is The All-Encompassing Love Song Of Your Dreams

Watch 'Clean' and 'Photograph' get beautifully blended together.

At face value, Taylor Swift’s “Clean” and Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” don’t seem like they’d blend particularly well together. Sonically, they’re both gorgeous songs, sure -- but lyrically, they’re worlds apart. Ed’s sweet x tune is all about preserving a love in a photograph and keeping it alive. Taylor’s 1989 album closer, on the other hand, finds her moving on and accepting the ruination of a relationship. One love lives; the other’s gone.

Somehow, though, “Photograph” and “Clean” come together beautifully in a new mashup from Nashville singer/songwriter Louisa Wenderoff and Who Is Fancy. Wenderoff, as you may remember, previously made mashup magic happen with her rendition of “Blank Space/Style” that was co-signed by Taylor herself. And with the addition of Who Is Fancy’s soulfulness to harmonize with her soft voice, Wenderoff definitely seems to have another hit on her hands.

In a video released Monday, we see the singers’ creative reimagining come to live, marrying the idea that love can be painful but make you feel alive at the same time. The vid ends with them brushing past each other, followed by the text: “A stranger by sight, isn’t always a stranger by spirit. You are never alone.”