It's Going Down: Remember The Most Memorable Real World: Las Vegas Fights


Roommates quarreling is par for the course among any Real World cast -- and the previous two Las Vegas seasons provided some unforgettable disagreements. Two words: The fork.

In honor of the upcoming premiere of the latest Sin City-based installment of the groundbreaking reality series (Real World: Go Big or Go Home debuting on March 17), we are taking a fond look back at the legacy of the Nevada-based seasons. Last Throwback Thursday, we reminisced about the glitzy Casino abodes -- and this week, we're reliving some iconic spats from the Season 12 gang (with Trishelle, Brynn, Frank, Steven, Alton, Irulan and Arissa) and the Season 25 crew (Leroy, Mike, Heather, Dustin, Nany, Naomi, Adam and Cooke).

Get ready for a bit of yelling, a dose of being restrained by other housemates and a ton of expletives. And yes, these folks definitely stopped being polite in the heat of the moment...

Take a peek at our retro video below, share your pick for the most memorable Las Vegas disagreement in the comments and be sure to catch the first episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday, March 17 at 10/9c!