#TBT Real World: Las Vegas: Revisit The Totally Tricked-Out Sin City Residences

Never forget Trishelle wandering through the Palms.

Ask any Real World alum: There's nothing quite like walking into your temporary, MTV-style, tricked-out abode for the first time and wandering around in pure amazement while taking in all of the rooms, amenities and yes, the hot tub. And two of the coolest pads ever featured on the long-running program were located in none other than Las Vegas.

In honor of the upcoming premiere of the latest Sin City-based installment of the groundbreaking reality series (Real World: Go Big or Go Home debuting on March 17) we are taking a fond look back at the legacy of the Nevada-based seasons -- and first up is a Throwback Thursday rewind of the glam residences. Specifically, the Season 12 crew (with Trishelle, Brynn, Frank, Steven, Alton, Irulan and Arissa) settling into a suite in the Palms Casino and Resort and the Season 25 clan (Leroy, Mike, Heather, Dustin, Nany, Naomi, Adam and Cooke) calling a massive space in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino home.

Check out the mash-up of the pads below, and be sure to catch the first episode of Real World: Go Big or Go Home on Thursday, March 17 at 10/9c!