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13 Of Rihanna And Drake's Best Nuzzles, Ranked


It has been almost four years since we've seen Rihanna and Drake in a music video together, but today — a day that will go down in history — we got not one, but two videos for "Work." The videos provide ample fodder for Aubrih stans, while reminding us that, yes, these two have been blessing us with their chemistry since 2010's "What's My Name?" video.

Another thing they've blessed us with? NUZZLING. So much nuzzling! Here are their 13 best nuzzles. Please enjoy and try not to get distracted thinking about what Drake's beard would feel like on the back of your neck.

  1. Maybe Rihanna isn't that into this one because Drake is whispering "If you had a twin, I would still choose you" into her ear. I get it.

  2. Cash Money Records

    This is very sweet, but reads sad, and I'm only here for happy nuzzling.

  3. They seem to be enjoying one another's company, but they've been closer. You'll see.

  4. Rih's shrug leads me to believe Drake's beard is tickling her. She doesn't appear mad at it, though.

  5. Def Jam

    She looks happier getting close to pre-beard Drake. Who can blame her, y'know?

  6. Again, great nuzzling, but they are sad. HAPPY NUZZLING ONLY, PLEASE.

  7. Def Jam

    They've nuzzled closer — like, physically — but their smiles bridge the gap between their cheeks, IMHO.

  8. Roc Nation

    This is cute!!!!!!

  9. Joint nuzzling = very rare and very appreciated.

  10. Def Jam

    Look at how comfortable Drake appears in Rih's arms!!! AUBRIH 4 LIFE!!!!

  11. Roc Nation

    No words, just nose-to-ear contact. I bet her hair smells great.

  12. Can they just date, please!!!!!

  13. Wow. Look at how happy Drake is to have Rih hold him. Wow. This is everything.

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