Watch Rihanna Destroy Drake In Two New 'Work' Videos

R.I.P. Drake.

Rihanna has released two steamy new videos with Drake for ANTI single “Work,” just in case one wasn’t enough for you.

In the first clip, Rihanna smokes, drinks, and twerks at a dimly lit dance party while Drake looks on, destroyed. In the surprise second video, which starts playing as soon as the first one ends, Drake and Rihanna dance with each other in a pink room that’s eerily reminiscent of the “Hotline Bling” video. Drake even busts out some of his dorkiest moves to seal in the effect.

Rihanna, of course, wears smoldering looks in both vids, from her green lipstick and cropped hair in “Work” No. 1 to her long locks and sheer lip gloss in “Work” No. 2. No wonder Drake’s mind is blown.

Watch “Work” in its double glory below.