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The 7 Best Momagers Ranked By Their Children’s Success

An unscientific examination of the best manager-mothers out there.

By Andrea Boiardo

If you were to be a star, who would you trust as your manager? Well, why not trust your mother who sacrificed nine months to carry you and bring you into this world? In fact, some of the biggest names in film, television, and music were managed into stardom by their very own mothers. So, in this very unscientific ranking, I decided to grant these moms a moment in the spotlight for the executive roles they played in their children’s success, even if they did get fired in the end.

  1. Dina Lohan

    Dina Lohan enrolled her daughter Lindsay in Ford Models at the tender age of three. Dina’s parenting skills became a topic of controversy as she allegedly partied alongside Lindsay at clubs and is said to have discussed their relationship with the press for self-promotion.

    Despite public scrutiny, Lindsay has continued to call Dina “the best mom ever,” and although I may not totally agree with that statement, Dina still deserves the final spot on this list for gracing our lives with Cady Heron and a reason to celebrate October 3!

  2. Carmen Milian

    Christina Milian can thank her mom, Carmen, for helping her achieve her success as a singer, songwriter, and actress. She told us to “Dip it Low” in ’04 and “Say I" in ’06 before she really brought it on in ’09 where she had the leading role in “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish."

    Most recently, she, too, has become a reality star, where we watch her and her family get “Turned Up” every week on E! (maybe a little too turned up?). On this show, we saw the singer fire Carmen as her momager in November 2015. Milian was definitely ready to remix her “Say I” into a “Say Bye,” momager version!

  3. Jonetta Patton
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    "Usher, baby" is actually baby of Jonetta Patton, who managed him at the age of 13 when he signed with L.A. Reid. Usher ended up firing his mother not once, but twice, over tensions with two separate love interests -- stylist Tameka Foster in ’07, then Grace Miguel in ’09. It is no doubt that Patton should still be praised for bringing this “Yeah!” and “Love in This Club” hit maker into the world despite their decision to not work together professionally.

  4. Donda West
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    Mr. West is in the building! That is, thanks to his mother, Donda, who was his co-manager before her tragic death following a surgery in November 2007. Donda managed Kanye through his first three albums: The College Dropout in ’04, Late Registration in ’05, and Graduation in ’07. Donda would be proud to know that his creative content company holds its name in her honor, and we’d like to think she is taking style tips from the one and only North West with the rest of us.

  5. Mandy Teefey
    Christopher Polk/VF12/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

    Selena Gomez has been sharing her sweet smile on screen since she started her career at the age of 9 on Barney & Friends, and Mandy moved them from Texas to California so that she could star alongside our favorite big purple dinosaur. If it weren’t for Mandy, we would have never been able to relish in “Good For You" or “Hands to Myself,” which have placed Selena at the top of Billboard charts. We could stop listening to your music, Selena, but why would we want to?

  6. Tish Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus’s mom has always been her manager and the most supportive person in her life from her Disney channel Hannah Montana fame up to now, as a pop star that embraces sexuality in all of its forms. "We Can’t Stop" thinking about her ability to twerk, either!

    No matter who attempts to judge the free spirit, no one can argue the astonishing $160 million net worth she has established at the young age of 23. Tish, you deserve the number-two spot on the momager list for taking us all along on Miley’s ravishing wrecking ball ride.

  7. Kris Jenner

    It should be no surprise that Kris Jenner takes the cake on this list. She has successfully managed her six children to be famous for, well, being Kardashians (and Jenners). Kris has turned their reality television fame into an empire so fresh and kris-py that there’s nothing this family doesn’t do. And Kris knows her status as a leading momager -- in May 2015, she filed legal documents to trademark the word. Other moms in Hollywood could, if she gets her way, be sued by Kween Kris if they dare to describe themselves as "momagers." But hey, I clearly don’t blame her (although my bank account may want to with a current subscription to all her children’s apps.)