Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

North West Has A New Favorite Disney Princess

Minnie Mouse is a constant, though.

For almost a year, we've been operating as if "Frozen" is North West's favorite Disney movie. It all began when she refused to let go of her "Frozen" suitcase at the airport. Then, for Halloween, she dressed up as Elsa. Well, now it seems as though North has switched allegiance to a different Disney princess.

Have the past 10 months of our lives been a lie? Maybe.

Last night, Kim shared a photo of North posted up in her closet dressed as — wait for it — Cinderella. Well, part Cinderella, part Minnie Mouse. In my day, once you chose a favorite princess, you never changed your mind — kids these days know nothing about loyalty.

If I had that many toys in my closet, though, I wouldn't be loyal to ANY of them — you do you, North.